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Structure Of Intellect is a theory of the functions and products of human intelligence based on the work of Dr. J.P. Guilford, Dr. Mary N. Meeker, and Dr. Robert J. Meeker. SOI is used to assess and develop thinking abilities.

Dr. Guilford began by differentiating mental ablities for the Army Air Corps in World War II, when he created intelligence tests that decreased the "washout" rate for pilots, navigators, and bombardiers from 33% to about 3%. After the war, he continued his research for the US Navy at the University of Southern California until 1959 when the paradigm was formed. The project ended in 1965 when he retired.

Since 1962, Meeker and Meeker have specifically applied 26 discrete SOI abilities to training and learning processes by similar research at USC and at Loyola-Marymount University, and now at the nonprofit SOI Institute near Eugene, Oregon. They have refined Dr. Guilford's work and developed an assessment and training program for developing each thinking ability.

The SOI method for success is simple. Based upon 50 years of research, it identifies and tests thinking abilities, then puts research into practice by strengthening weak abilities and enhancing strong abilities. The common thread throughout SOI is that intelligence can be taught -- it is not a static measure of the "IQ" that one was born with.

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