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Abilities Assessment

We use the Structure of Intellect (SOI) assessment tool to open windows of understanding for children, teens, and adults who are struggling to succeed in school or in other activities requiring thinking-learning skills. They may have a low self-image based upon repeated failures, or perceived failure, they may lack motivation due to well documented inabilities, or they may show other signs of learning dysfunction. In addition, the SOI assessment provides insights for those who have poor memory (short or long-term), inadequate sequencing abilities, difficulty with verbal language (writing or reading), or difficulty with math. There is now much hope for those who have struggled with inadequacies in comprehension, memory, evaluation, problem solving, creativity, and other "higher level" thinking tasks.

The SOI assessment, which has been developed over the past 50 years, is based on the theory that intelligence can be taught and that it is multifaceted.  Since intelligence is so complex, it simply cannot be adequately represented by a single number. Intelligence is far more than a number. Furthermore, intelligence increases when occular/cognitive and sensorimotor systems are properly and consistently stimulated and challenged. Therefore, improvement in many areas is not only possible -- it is expected.

An initial consultation always follows the assessment whether in person or by letter and includes an analysis of 27 abilities and an interpretation of those abilities in a computer profile related to basic educational or career goals. Training options to build or enhance abilities for academic or vocational success are included as well. For students, we provide a personal review of the report including an Individual Educational Plan coordinated with a training program. In addition, we provide six months of continuing consultation and guidance by e-mail, telephone, or letter with appropriate referrals if needed.


Improved abilities needed for school or career success
A more positive attitude toward learning
An improved ability to concentrate and recall
Improved verbal abilities that will be evident in reading and writing
Stronger abilities in arithmetic and math
Clarity in study and organizational skills
Increased creativity and idea fluency
Better self-image and confidence
Improved behavior and less frustration
Enhanced athletic skills
Clarification of vocational appitude

For more information on the Structure of Intellect Assessment, please use the SOI Information link below: 
                                                                     SOI Guide
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